About the Institute

Institute for Technology, Ecology &
Risk Assemblages

The TERA Institute for Technology, Ecology and Risk Assemblages is an independent, not for profit research organization founded in 2020.

Its vision is to find and establish new models of technology-mediated decision making which are not primarily calculative and thus are able to account for vulnerability and complexity beyond probability and consequence.

To this end, TERA produces publications, case studies and prototypes which function as counter-assessments and complicate risk beyond its techno-scientific dimensions. As a nomadic institute TERA assembles independent researchers on a project basis and works co-creatively with other institutions.

Investigating Risk.

The proliferation of data driven technologies and off-the rack design methodologies have made the calculation of risk and probability (previously confined to insurance, securitization and engineering) the daily work of government, enterprises and individuals.

However, probability and consequence cannot be a substitute for discussions in other terms. How can we employ a mode of investigation that complicates the notion of risk beyond its techno-scientific dimensions?

TERA investigates risks by applying a critical lense, modern techniques and academic rigour to contemporary risk-practice and outputs case-studies and a transdisciplinary journal with international contributions.